Design Team: Architect/Interior Designer, Plumber

Construction Team: General Contractor, Sub Contractors (Mill-worker)

City Agencies: Department of Buildings (DOB)


Consultation: Click here to schedule a free 30 minute consultation call with STUDIO 397, for us to learn more about your project’s spacial intent, location, budget, and timeline.

Proposal: Once we have conducted a preliminary walk-through of the site, a proposal will be executed by STUDIO 397 indicating the project’s understanding, our scope of work, estimated schedule and our fees.

Project Kick-Off Meeting: Upon execution of the contract between the owner and STUDIO 397 we will all meet to discuss the overall schedule, documentation, and deliverables.

Design: As the project beings the design of the space, construction drawings, and local jurisdiction documentation filling will be provided for.

Construction: Once Construction commences, based on the signed agreement, STUDIO 397 will oversee that during construction the design intent is being followed.

Close Out: This is the last portion of the project where both the design team and the construction team must provide local city agencies with filling documentation and access to inspect the construction site in order to receive project sign-off and a Certificate of Occupancy (CofO).


Soft Cost:

  • Preliminary Walk-through - $375 (min)

  • Architect Fees 

  • Interior Design Fees

  • Engineers Fees

  • Permits and Expediting 

  • Survey

  • Construction Interest 

  • Soft Cost Contingency 

Hard Cost:

  • Construction Subtotal of All Trades (Materials & Labor)

  • Construction General Conditions (Materials & Labor)

  • Furniture

  • Equipment

  • Insurance

  • General Contractor Fee

  • Contingency